Norman Clyde Lost & Found

In December 2014 I was contacted by a gentleman from Southern California

who offered this collection of negatives and photographs for sale.

They were immediately purchased and are presented here.

All the negatives are 6x9cm sheet film from film packs.

In all likelihood, they have not been seen for at least 60 years.

None of this would have happened but for the determined efforts of Dennis Kruska!

All now reside with the Eastern California Museum's

Norman  Clyde Collection.




Thanks to SummitPost contributors for identifying many of these photos.

Their comments in green!


1 Norman


2 Norman




(Near the summit of Middle Palisade's standard route.)


4 on Kearsarge Pass



5 Mt. Williamson (I think)



(Wotan's Throne from Bighorn Park)


7 Mt Whitney


"Mt. Whitney from the East"

Clyde's note with the photo above


8 Mt. Whitney



9 More Mt. Whitney



(Mt. Whitney taken from the summit of Mt. Russell)



(Mt. Whitney taken from the summit of Mt. Russell)



12 and Another






(Mt. Irvine?)








(Mt Russell and Tulainyo Lake from the west.)



(Mount Barnard, Mt Russell and Mt Williamson taken from Mount Whitney)


19 One Mahooby Zuccini





21 Mt Whitney



(The peak immediately right of Russell is "Mt Morgenson"  (Peak 13927). It rises in the background of the north ridge of Mt. Hale. Note how the snowfields end abruptly where they are blocked by the smooth slopes of the latter. Mount Hale is what rises in front of Mount Whitney and Mount Young is on the far right.)


23 Whitney



Below are all scanned from Norman's prints.



Norman's Wife, Winnie




Sierra Club enroute to Mt Russell  n.d.



Top of Mt Williamson, Oct 1939


Mt Williamson from Owens Valley  n.d.




Mt Whitney from northeast    April  1932



North Palisades from Big Pine Creek   Sept 1938


North Palisade from south   Sept 1935


Evening Shadows , North Palisade Sept 1935



North Palisades  Sept 1931


North Palisade  Aug 1931


North Palisade  July 1934



Clyde roping down from North Palisade Summit Sept 1934

(Above and below: Starlight Peak, with the feature known as the Milk Bottle. Back in the day I think it

was considered part of North Pal (which it probably is) and not a separate peak.)


Jules Eichorn & L. Dutch

2nd highest Palisade Sept 1938



Traversing North Palisade   n.d.


(Captions all from notes on photos)