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All the wonderful line drawings are by Leland Curtis from Bulletins of the 30's.


This collection will eventually live with the Sierra Club Archives at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley. They do not have the resources to scan and catalog this material so I will do my best in the meantime.



Some Great Links:

Early Days in the Range of Light    

 LA Times article: The Climb of His Life

Harv Galic's: Lonely Grave in the Sierra

Bill Oliver's Tributes to Clyde, Eichorn, and Dawson




You can contact me here with questions, suggestions, corrections, and complaints:

Mike Rettie


You can purchase a simple book that samples some of the best photos in the collection here:





More Reading

Alsup, William, Missing in the Minarets, the Search for Walter A. Starr, Jr., Yosemite National Park: Yosemite Association, 2001, ISBN 1-930238-08-8.

Pavlik, Robert C., Norman Clyde: Legendary Mountaineer of California's Sierra Nevada, Heyday Books, Berkeley, 2008, ISBN 978-1-59714-110-0

Clyde, Norman, Norman Clyde of the Sierra Nevada: Rambles Through the Range of Light; 29 Essays on the Mountains, Scrimshaw Press, 1971, ISBN: 978-0-912020-20-4

Kruska, Dennis, G., Twenty-Five Letters From Norman Clyde, 1923-1964, Dawson's Book Shop, Los Angeles, 1998, ISBN: 0-9669263-0-7

Clyde, Norman, Close Ups of the High Sierra, Spotted Dog Press, Bishop, 1998, ISBN 0-9647530-3-0



Extra special thanks to Mark Goudy and Liza Riddle 

who are kind enough to loan me their Nikon Coolscan 8000ED scanner.

I couldn't do this without their help.

See their work here:



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